• Management of medical clinics doctory clinic

The program is designed to manage any medical clinic in a strong and distinctive manner, as the program is designed to meet the needs of our customers easily and without complications, where the doctor can make a file for each patient and review it at each visit to the patient to be displayed each record of previous visits with the diagnoses and previous diseases and medicines described with the presentation of reports The presentation of a report of all patients to a particular disease with a presentation of a report of patients given a particular drug with the possibility of placing the program on an internal network at the clinic so that the program is placed on a device used by the assistant doctor to record the initial data of the patient where You data ready in front of the doctor when entering the patient to him or put the program on the Internet for the possibility of linking different clinics to different branches of the same doctor with the utmost precision and speed.

Easy to develop and update the program in the future without the need to disable the work of the clinic as the program supports the update service over the Internet.

Ease of searching and retrieval of information, with more than one way to arrange the data for each screen in the program.

The program supports Auto Complete when typing in different fields of the program to facilitate writing data to the doctor.

Warning and alert messages are distinct in terms of the possibility of continuing to work without returning to the original window, and only to enter the missing information through the same warning message and follow up work from this point.

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Management of medical clinics doctory clinic


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